From Leadership to Personnel - Create a Culture that Thrives

  • Mindset significantly influences your business’ success.

  • Knowing your purpose and mentality is vital in decision making and growth phases.

  • Understand your stakeholders and the varying levels of resisting change that are experienced when growing your business.

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Business Psychology

Communication & Key Conversations

Dealing with Resistance to Change

Encouraging Creative Thinking

Expand Your Perspective

Build Courage & Defeat Fear

Communication Breakdowns & Barriers
Numerous habits within a business can destroy communication between personnel. Whether it be misunderstanding or pure omittance, your business will not reach its full potential without clear, open communication.

Build a culture of creative thinking. Insightful leadership will promote innovative behaviour amongst stakeholders, which leads to a business ahead of its competitors.




“Whenever we have new strategies or processes, there is someone that doesn’t like it or the process simply doesn’t work.”

There are many reasons that people resist change and many ways in that it is expressed. Sometimes they will simply be against the idea and tell you it won’t work, their attitude will be different, they will manipulate others to convince them it won’t work and get them to say something or they will manipulate the process to prove that it doesn’t work (either consciously or subconsciously). This is just to name a few. You need to be able to identify if it is the process that is incorrect or the psychology around it.

— J.L.

“I am happy with my Team Leaders but I want them to start being more creative.”

To increase creativity, encourage employees to look into Research & Development, Data Analysis, the Whole Business Perspective and Setting Personal Targets. Although, these aspects are not usually considered creative areas, they will provide new perspectives and stimulate inspiration and motivation from within.

— J.L.

“I have been wanting to grow my business but there hasn’t been the right time. When the right time comes, then I will look into it.”

Fear holds people and businesses back more than anything else. There is no reward without some level of risk. Failure exists because people forget about Risk Management. It also exists because people make poor decisions with a misguided or ill-informed mindset. Lastly, failure exists because some businesses or situations are meant to be just learning experiences. In this circumstance, however, don’t delay the learning experience - that is simply wasting time.

— J.L.


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